Alert: As labor union cash flows in, get ready for 10% tax increases for salaries!

Sussex County has traditionally had a good relationship with the various unions that represent county employees. But that has changed recently. In an unprecedented move, Governor Phil Murphy and his Union Team for Freeholder that includes Union Boss Josh Hertzberg and union spokesperson Dawn Fantasia have deliberately interfered with CWA negotiations for a new contract. CWA expectations are that a Union Team victory will mean a 10% increase in wages and benefits. They are both committed to giving the county unions whatever they demand.

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Hertzberg has a long history of crony appointments, special interests and living large on the backs of the rank and file. He currently makes more than double what a union guy gets.

Why? Because that’s the way that Big Labor works. They skim rank and file dues to bolster their salaries and promote their favorites.

Dawn Fantasia Campaign Reports

ELEC_Document 48 hr


Taxes over the last few years have risen to pay for a solar scam that cost the county over $30 million dollars. A scandal that supporters of Fantasia and Hertzberg would like to sweep under the rug. Both Hertzberg and Fantasia support allowing the scammers to get away and to give the county labor unions whatever they want.

Count up the costs. Union salaries, benefits and pensions are rising far faster than the taxpayer can pay.

The Phil Murphy Union Ticket of Hertzberg and Fantasia could conservatively cost the county some $20 million dollars in tax increases for salary and benefits over the next three years. This will amount to over a 25% increase in your county taxes. Plus keep in mind that as the county falls for all union demands, so will the municipalities.

And let’s not forget, the Solar Scam costs Sussex County over $2 million dollars a year and will for the next 8 to 10 years.

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