County union workers endorse candidates amid contract talks

The New Jersey Herald reports that the Communications Workers of America, Local 1032, the union that represents over 400 Sussex County workers have endorsed the Union Team of Hertzberg and Fantasia for Freeholder.

In a show of support for the Labor Union bosses in Sussex County, Local CWA officials have endorsed the Phil Murphy Team of Hertzberg and Fantasia for Freeholder.

According to NJ Herald reporter, Katie Moen;

“For the first time in the history of the union, Christina Marks, president of the Communications Workers of America Local 1032, Branch 10, said the organization will be giving its endorsement to two candidates in the upcoming freeholder election.

“Our members of CWA Local 1032 are not only employees of the county of Sussex, but also residents, taxpayers and voters,” Marks said. “We believe the visions and platforms presented by (Franklin) Councilwoman (Dawn) Fantasia and (Sparta) Mayor (Joshua) Hertzberg will bring about positive changes to not only all residents of Sussex County, but also to the way services are provided by the county.”

County workers endorse candidates amid contract talks

Union members that have commented have said the the move was done without unanimous support and was rammed through by higher ups in the union. “We didn’t have any say in it at all” said one union member. “Other unions have been talking to our people to make a show of what we can do in Sussex, and besides, they didn’t tell us that Hertzberg guy is a union big-wig!”

The move all but suspends any negotiations that have seen demands of 10% plus massive increases in healthcare costs that have spiraled to over $40,000 a year for some employees. Healthcare costs in the county, according to public record, amount to over 25% of the total county levy. Salary figures are over 60% of the budget.

Josh Hertzberg is a massively overpaid office manager for the International Longshoreman’s Union pulling down over twice what the typical union member makes in a cushy, connected job on the backs of hardworking rank and file members. Hertzberg has made a handsome living on backroom arrangements and sweetheart deals.

Union members typically make $100,000 to $120,000 while Hertzberg rakes in well over $225,000!

As frivolous campaign promises are made to union workers, and the outside union money flows in, the only one that will get crushed will be the taxpayer.

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