Did Josh Hertzberg’s consigliere use confidential information for his own financial gain?

The answer appears to be a resounding YES!

Steve Levinson is Josh Hertzberg’s close confidante. Levinson is also a well paid consultant in Sparta Township. For a period of time Levinson was being paid by the Sussex County Health Department and Sparta Township at the same time to work on a plan that ultimately would chiefly benefit his consulting business.

Greedy Stevie’s plan was to feather his consulting nest by creating a Sparta Health Department while using another municipality to handle day-to-day inspections, collecting a sizable salary to manage a single employee in Sparta.

All encouraged and approved by Mayor Josh Hertzberg.

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Levinson’s plan hinged on Sussex County not being aware of a issues that he discovered while working for Herb Yardley in a confidential capacity at the Sussex County Health Department.

If Sparta could disengage from Sussex before they were aware of the tax rate discrepancy, the county would be on the hook for about $200,000 that Levinson planned to use as a personal fee boost and to show some savings for Sparta.

But, Levinson appears to be incredibly dishonest in his approach.

He was legitimately engaged and compensated by the county to review all records and policies to achieve accreditation at the same time as he was working for Sparta Township, instead he used inside knowledge of both Sussex County and Sparta Township to his own benefit.

Steve Levinson is Josh Hertzberg’s consigliere.

What will happen to Sussex County’s Health Services if
greedy Stevie Levinson is allowed full reign of the county?


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