Why is Fantasia making excuses for siphoning Jersey Tax Dollars to Islamic Clerics?

The Lyin’ Watchdog is at it again. Two sets of standards. One standard for paying customers, another standard for everyone else.

Dawn Fantasia’s charter schools have a dirty little secret, only it’s not such a secret, and it’s not very little. We did not fabricate this stuff. We didn’t make accusations, we just passed along published reports by the Bergen Record, CNN and various other news organizations that have been investigating the Dawn Fantasia Charter School connection.

Don’t shoot the messenger.


But Lyin’ Willie Watchdog is getting paid, so let’s look the other way. This is not Lyin’ Willie’s first time in this rodeo, last year he scored so much Union Cash in a deal setup by Paul Sarlothe sleaziest Democrat of them all, that he couldn’t count it all properly. Read…

Ethics: Paul Sarlo style

Sarlo and the Bergen Democrats are making so much money with the Lyin’ Watchdog that they are practically family!!! 

But his latest defense of Dawn Fantasia sending New Jersey Educational tax dollars to foreign Islamic causes is over the top in any debate. The profitability of the iLearn franchise, and the use of New Jersey tax dollars meant for our children’s education to achieve their foreign agenda, is deplorable.

And what is even more concerning is the duplicitous manner in which Dawn Fantasia has described her involvement in the whole sordid affair. Read…

Gülen Charter School Movement video

What is really going on at Fantasia’s charter schools?

Fantasia Charter school leaders, founders linked to controversial Turkish cleric

The RINO rantings of Lyin’ Willie Watchdog

The Watchdog has spent years dictating to candidates what to do, what to say and where to send the checks, now it appears the Watchdog may have caught his willie in a ringer, running paid political ads without a paid-for disclaimer is a no-no, especially since the Watchdog was being paid from several sources. Lets see who Willie attacks again instead of answering the big question:

Hey Watchdog, how much cash did you take to sell out to Democrat Paul Sarlo??

Willie wants Fantasia to start an Ethics Board, GREAT IDEA! Lets start with…

How much union cash did Councilwoman Fantasia take to make the union radio ads, and how is that ethical?


Hint: $24,600 so far… in just three checks.

..and here comes the last minute cash!!!!


This makes it pretty difficult to say no to certain people.

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