Fantasia Charter school leaders, founders linked to controversial Turkish cleric

As we learned in our previous article, Dawn Fantasia has been running fast and loose with the facts surrounding the iLearn Charter schools, particularly her role as Chief Executive Growth Officer and spokesperson. Her main role as essentially the “Marketing Director” has been brought into question in a series of hard hitting articles in the Bergen Record.

The Record, as well as CNN, ran several reports as to the role of Islamic cleric, Fethullah Gulen, which has the government of Turkey declaring Gulen a terrorist and demanding extradition from his Pennsylvania enclave to answer for a failed coup that may have been partially financed by public education money.

CNN: Who is Fethullah Gulen, the man blamed for coup attempt in Turkey? By Amy La Porte, Ivan Watson and Gul Tuysuz,

The investigation by The Record and shows that some founders and leaders of the schools have close ties to the movement of Fethullah Gulen, the controversial Islamic cleric accused of working to overthrow the government in his native Turkey last summer. Gulen is fighting extradition demands as he lives in a secluded compound in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains, about 10 miles from the New Jersey border.

Award winning journalist Jean Rimbach of The Record of NJ reports that the Town Of Linden NJ accused iLearn of committing fraud when submitting their charter school application to the state of NJ 2016.

District alleges fraud in charter school application

District alleges fraud in charter school application

The Record of NJ goes on to report that Linden Police Officer Morre, when reviewing the official petition signatures commented, ” It looked like…not…all of them but a lot of the them were written by the same person.”  Another Linden Resident stated “That’s me. I live here, but that’s not my signature.”  One petitioner could not be found, their address being an empty lot.

“The NJ Department of Education sent Director of Charter Schools, Harold Lee,  to investigate. According to ilearn Chief Executive Growth Officer, Dawn Fantasia, Lee found nothing. However Lee then left the NJ Department of Education and…you guessed it…became iLearn’s Chief Strategic Officer a few months later. Something smells here but it gets worse.”

Clifton and Kearny also lost out when Ms. Fantasia and iLearn targeted their tax dollars. When iLearn decided to open a charter school in their area the Clifton Board of Education  was forced by the state of NJ to pay $2 Million dollars to iLearn.

This increased the Clifton school budget from $2.69 Million to $4.68 Million practically overnight while circumnavigating the Clifton taxpayers who were vehemently opposed to the Charter School and forced payment.

Clifton schools’ fight with state, local charter continues

Kearny NJ was also blindside by iLearn’s Chief Growth Officer Fantasia, having to layoff 14 teachers.

14 Kearny teachers laid off as officials blame charter school ‘intrusion’

Ms. Fantasia would not even address the citizens of Kearny concerns, choosing not to comment.

Worse, according to The Record, the real story is not just that the towns are forced to pay iLearn. The real story is what iLearn may be doing with the taxpayers dollars overseas.

The Record has also been investigating iLearn and other charter schools in NJ for possible links with Islamic organization headed by Fethullah Gulen that Turkish government officials accused of funding a recent coup intended to overthrow the Turkish government.

“It’s clear these schools were being used both to raise funds for Gulen and employ Gulen followers and teachers and basically have them tie a percent of their income back to Gulen.”


Investigation: Charter school leaders, founders linked to controversial Turkish cleric

Voters of Sussex County beware.  There is much more to Ms Fantasia than meets the eye.

You need to ask yourself if Sussex County
is Fantasia and Gulen’s next “Growth Target?’


Next Article: 

Are Fantasia Schools linked to Turkish Terrorist Organization?


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