Fantasia plays the victim card again!

Dawn Fantasia cries victim. Why?  Because she was called names…only she wasn’t. 

Doesn’t Dawn remind you of someone else?

Lyin’ Willie Watchdog was called out for accepting more Dem $$$ than the democrats did!

In Glen Turner’s article, The RINO rantings of Lyin’ Willie Watchdog, he made an excellent point that Lyin’ Willie was pimping Paul Sarlo’s cause for the same union bosses that have now flooded Dawn Fantasia’s freeholder race with union dues cash!!!  Read Ethics: Paul Sarlo style. Lyin’ Willie doesn’t care that New Jersey taxes go up. He lives and works in Pennsylvania.

Lyin’ Willie Watchdog’s Golden RINO Award.

Our quote was, “Last year RINO Willie and his band of political prostitutes made thousands and thousands of special interest dollars pimping for the most ethically challenged democrat in Trenton, Senator Paul Sarlo.”

The RINO Watchdog claims Republican moral high ground, when in fact he accepted massive Democrat and union boss cash. His work on behalf of the liberal Phil Murphy and Paul Sarlo causes has been very profitable for Sarlo and for Lyin’ Willie.

Fantasia and Hertzberg are also accepting thousands of dollars from one of Josh Gottheimer’s biggest Democrat donors.


Dawn Fantasia. She takes massive amounts of cash from union bosses, over $25,000 in the last year. In turn she makes radio commercials pushing for new taxes and interferes with negotiations that enriched her campaign account and the union. All while costing the taxpayers millions of dollars.


“There will be no real guess work on who owns Dawn Fantasia. Her decisions are already paid in full.”


Dawn Fantasia. She is a spokesperson and a principle in a Charter school network that is embroiled in scandal. Taking millions from taxpayers, that allegedly finances Islamic causes in Turkey, costing dozens of teacher’s their jobs and, again, enriching herself. Read What is really going on at Fantasia’s charter school?.


District alleges fraud in charter school application



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