For the Record… We never called Parker Space a Racist.

We never called Parker Space a racist.

Our quote was, I don’t think that the Spaces are racists or white supremacists or bigots. But it sure looks like celestial karma has caught up with them this time. For the last few years they have stood silent, allowing their Watchdog Willie to libel whoever he cares to as Nazis and criminals. They shrug off their Watchdog’s ridiculous logic to embarrass truly innocent people, all for Parker’s benefit. Sad.”

What goes around, comes around

We did state that Parker Space had a drinking problem.

Our quote was, “It’s time to face the facts, Parker doesn’t have a race problem, he has a drinking problem.  Once again, drinking has blurred his senses, and he has to deal with the repercussions. This isn’t about freedom of expression, it is about a middle-aged guy who has issues.”

Parker’s Delicate Condition

We also noted that Parker makes promises to others that he does not intend to keep.

Our quote was, “Parker Space doesn’t get put in a corner. He rarely sticks his neck out for anyone, and those that have stuck their necks out for him in the past have felt the sting when he doesn’t back them. It’s Parker’s way. Nice guy, just not big into the loyalty thing. That’s politics, Parker style. But Parker has a new challenge this year, it’s getting harder to play both sides. Parker voted against the gas tax, but now he needs the gas tax union cash, so now he’s not so anti-gas tax anymore, except when he he faces an audience that is anti-gas tax. So confusing.”

Oh, and we might have mentioned that he had a tattoo on his arm. Just to keep the record straight.

I guess that Lyin’ Willie Watchdog just can’t get his quotes straight.
Once a liar…always a liar.

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