Have union bosses bought the Sussex County Republican Party?

It’s official. The GasTax Union Bosses have upped their game in Sussex County.

Last year the unholy alliance of union bosses and greedy business owners dropped almost a million dollars on unethical politicians to corrupt the primary system to support the gas tax.

A tax that ensured that Bergen County Democrats like Paul Sarlo would reap $MILLION$ of tax dollars in construction contracts.

Yup, you read that right…millions of tax dollars!

Millions for Democrat Sarlo and his company Joseph Sanzari & Company. Sarlo is a Sanzari in-law and operates the huge family owned highway construction company that reaps massive government contract profits at taxpayers expense and they deftly used the labor unions to get their way.


The primary wasn’t about the gas tax as much as the influence buying, so union cash flooded the 24th District.

But the deal isn’t over.

Now the unions are demanding complete control over your taxes. County contracts are up and the unions are calling in their favors to jack up raises by 10% and more. Raises that will smack you right in the tax bill!!!

Pass that envelope!

The union bosses have been busy buying local seats; first, two seats on the Sparta council by the Longshoreman’s union, including union boss Josh Hertzberg.

But the most egregious action was when the Laborer’s union paid Franklin councilwoman, Dawn Fantasia, $8,200 in a quid pro quo arrangement for her active GasTax support and radio ads as the voice of the GasTax.

They maxed-out union contributions last year for Fantasia’s council seat, in a non-election year. Money that she wheeled toward local politicians to make it look like it wasn’t coming from her union buddies. In return she became the voice of the GasTax campaign. A real show of ethics on that deal. We wonder if Fantasia’s Ethics committee will be addressing that.

Follow that money!

r1 2017-07-15 Fantasia

Local Union bosses are dropping massive union boss bucks to buy seats on the Sussex County Freeholder board. County union leaders have been instructed to stall negotiations until the Phil Murphy Team of Fantasia and Hertzberg is elected. The word is out that there will be 10% raises for all labor union county employees! You can be sure that is what Hertzberg was discussing with his boss, Phil Murphy this week before the big debate.

Hudson County has nothing on these characters.


Josh Hertzberg’s International Longshoreman’s Union controls two seats on the Sparta Council. Are we opening a shipping container port on Lake Mohawk??

To put it bluntly – for influence. Last year a deal was made to sell the county out, and the union bucks came flying in. Everyone, including the average union member that lives in Sussex County will feel it as the union lackeys sharply raise property taxes without any independent voice. Raises for everyone – – – but you!

We are not against union membership, many of us have been; or have family members that are union members. What we are addressing is the new trend of skirting campaign finance regulations by flooding political races with unaccounted union boss cash. Cash that is readily spread around to politicians that have already maxed out their threshold. Union cash isn’t just contributed to candidates, it is also directly paid to the consultants that do the dirty attacks, ask Watchdog Willie. Money that is not legally reported.

Last year alone, the union boss cash ran vicious attacks on good representatives like Gail Phoebus.

Josh Hertzberg’s Longshoremans Union supports the “Tax & Tax Again” Phil Murphy agenda!!!
“I don’t wake up every day to be liberal for the sake of being liberal.” — Gov Phil Murphy.


What do you think they are up to this year?

With multiple county contracts up for renewal, the unions are positioned to crush all remnants of a 2% cap. Between Governor Murphy’s tax avalanche plans and the union boss demands on government budgets, taxes will soar. In Sparta alone, property taxes could be raised by more than $500 per household.

Is this what Hertzberg means when he proudly stated that he wants to do to the county what he is doing to Sparta?

Just say no!

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  1. Dawn Fanatsia is making statement about her successes on the Franklin Council. I’d like to know what she’s talking about. She hasn’t been on the Council long enough to have an impact on anything, except voting along with e crowd. The present restoration of the pond are the results of Nick Giordano and his wife Jennifer who heads Rec. The Franklin Town Council has been the “launching pad” for future politicians. It began with Oroho who promptly went to the Freeholder Board, then Senate. Then, Phil Crabb who got elected to the Council for two weeks them got promoted to Freeholder. Now it’s Dawn Fantasia who learned everything and everyone from Oroho. I think she’s being groomed to take his place in the Senate because he will retire soon.

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