Josh Hertzberg: Bad For Unions

*** Guest Commentary ***

Josh Hertzberg has joined the latest wave of Union bosses to invade NJ Politics and it could be bad for those who pay union dues.

Josh is the Director of Business Operations for the International Longshoreman Association and he is running as a “Republican” for a seat on the Sussex County Freeholder Board.

You would think this would be good for the rank and file NJ union faithful that is forced to pay dues under NJ’s “Compulsory” union laws.  Research by conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation shows otherwise.

According to Heritage Foundation Labor Economist James Sherk, “in compulsory states such as NJ”, Union Bosses such as Josh Herzberg will pay themselves up to 40% more than similar union executives in Right To Work States.  The increase in Union Boss pay comes right out of the union members dues.

For the record: Mr. Hertzberg in fact compensates himself over 100% more than the average rank and file member in the ILA.

Union executives will often claim that their high pay and their members oppressive dues are justified by higher wages, but whatever wage increase the average union member may see in their paycheck is quickly gobbled up by ever increasing union dues and fees.

In a recent debate, Josh Hertzberg bragged twice about his close relationship with Governor Phil Murphy, the most socialist governor in America.

Additionally, while union bosses like Josh Hertzberg are quick to support tax discounts for big business, tax breaks for tycoons or even corporate/union welfare programs like Senator Oroho’s Gas Tax…they extend no such breaks to their faithful union supporters.  Nope. The union guy or gal along with every NJ Taxpayer has to pay for the big shot Union Boss luxurious lifestyle.

Just like every NJ citizen, the union faithful surrender their wages when they pay excessive gas and property taxes. The union man’s wages are in fact worth less and less year after year in high cost NJ.

The only hope the average union dues paying NJ citizen has is that someday government will reign it in, stop the greed and remove the Union Bosses’ hand from their wallet.  Unfortunately with Big Unions now shamelessly pouring members dues into local elections campaigns and giving us well dressed bosses, like Josh Hertzberg, as “Republican” candidates… that hope is quickly fading.

The last kick in the teeth to the Union Faithful…Josh never worked a crane, drove a truck or touched a container.  He has nothing in common with those he is paid to represent. The well dressed gentlemen spent most of his career as a government suit. Ouch.

Editors Note: Josh Herzberg served as “mayor” of Sparta Township for less than 30 days before announcing to run for freeholder.


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