Lose again Lonegan

Steve Lonegan is at it again.

He can not win, but he can be the Pied Piper to another disappointing loss. His carpetbagger campaign has been filled with personal attacks and innuendo.

Why?? Because that is all he can do. He cannot speak intelligently on the issues, he has to rely on low brow attack ads. McCann ads have been positive and from our research, truthful.



The Sussex County sell-out Republican machine of Oroho and Lyin’ Willie Watchdog are supporting him, not because they believe Lonegan can win in the fall. They don’t want him to win in November. They support him because they believe that the Big-Bucks Labor boss support that is currently flooding the Phil Murphy Sussex County Team of Hertzberg and Fantasia with tainted money will propel Oroho into the seat in 2020.

The knee jerk attacks against John McCann are hiding the fact that he is a far better candidate against Josh Gottheimer in the fall. McCann can face up to Gottheimer as a true conservative and win. McCann can give the 5th Congressional District a constituent base that is in line with a true Republican agenda.

Lonegan is incapable of representing anyone but Lonegan.

Even the Americans for Prosperity tossed him out. But first he deceived the public into providing him with millions of dollars to run for governor against Chris Christie.

Lonegan has run in many races outside of his hometown without success. Lonegan has made more enemies than friends. We know, we once supported him. He tossed us out when he didn’t need us anymore.

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1 thought on “Lose again Lonegan”

  1. Excellent site. I never met Lyin’ Willie — but I remember his “body of work” during the 2008-2009 time frame, vis-a-vis the Bayshore Tea Party. I thought he took shots at some really good salt of the earth people. Good reporting on Paul Sarlo also — although it makes one nearly hopeless for this State.

    I was very disappointed in the gas tax increase. Now I know it is the corrupting influence of $ and backroom deals and backstabbing that has corrupted not only the Democratic Party but also the NJ Republican Party (or at least some elected officials in it). NJ politics is brutal and unethical. I am a Christian first and a Republican and libertarian second. I have had a lot of personal experience with Steve Lonegan, having served on the governing body in the Bogota with him. I hope NJ Republicans in CD-5 are spared the embarrassment of Lonegan in the Republican column in November. I think he has done terrible damage to the Bogota Republican Party, the Bergen County Republican Party and — being a carpet bagger — even the GOP in the southern half of the state when he ran and lost against Republican Tom MacArthur.

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