Murphy’s Law: Abolish Second Amendment Rights

It seems that “we the people” are losing our Constitutional Rights in an epic free-fall. The prospect of the election of Phil Murphy for Governor may see the doubling down on the dumbing down of New Jersey. The loss of our basic freedoms is alarming! If Phil Murphy is elected governor next month, our lives will change dramatically. Why you may ask?

Murphy’s Law decrees the unilateral removal of the rights and privileges of hard working, law abiding citizens while providing taxpayer subsidizes for undocumented aliens that will be protected from the laws that we must follow. A significant change will occur for all New Jersey residents that own legal firearms.

While geographically small but very populated areas of New Jersey have sizable police forces, larger geographical areas depend on legal firearms as a personal protection deterrent to criminal activity. Even those areas with municipal police protection sometimes require deterrents from home invasion and domestic violence. But the new politics of “Murphy’s Law” will sweep away all personal freedoms afforded by the Constitution almost 230 years ago.

According to the New Jersey Second Amendment Society:

“After years of being thwarted by Governor Chris Christie’s (R) veto pen, the Democrat-dominated New Jersey Legislature is chomping at the bit over the prospect of Phil Murphy (D) becoming Governor.

This includes Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg (D), who already has 20 gun control bills lined up for Murphy to sign if and when he gets elected.”

“Assuming Weinberg means the same bills that were previously vetoed – Murphy will essentially be banning all semi-auto rifles, instituting a magazine capacity limit of 5 rounds, mandating home inspection for gun owners, requiring psychological evaluations to own a gun (you have to pay for that by the way), and probably much more we don’t know about, if elected.”

The sad state of affairs equates to punishing the law abiding many for the actions of the lawless few. Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg wants to kick-start a 15-year quest to require personalized “smart guns” on the shelves of New Jersey gun retailers. Such guns would have technology keeping them from being fired by anyone other than the registered owner or, as envisioned in the case of police officers, the officers and their partners. Current New Jersey law requires them to be exclusively sold in New Jersey once they’re viable – which has stopped their path to the marketplace. Implementation would make all guns in New Jersey illegal, except for those with smartgun technology. It would effectively remove all firearms from the law abiding public and collectors and allow the “black-market” to thrive.

The New Jersey Childproof Handgun Law, also known as Assembly Bill No. 700, is a law that makes the sale of handguns “legal” if it is a smart gun that “can only be fired by an authorized or recognized user” and would take effect three years after the technology is available for retail purposes. It has been a controversial issue for the National Rifle Association and many gun owners because of its restrictions and the unusual move that “legislates a product that does not exist.” The law passed on December 23, 2002, and provides a timetable for implementation.

But what it really does is set up violations of the second and fourth amendments. The bill specifies that three years after it is determined that personalized handguns are available for retail purposes, it will be illegal for any registered or licensed firearms manufacturer or dealer to transport, sell, expose for sale, possess for sale, assign or transfer any handgun unless that handgun is a personalized handgun.

Officially, the National Rifle Association doesn’t oppose the development of personalized firearms, though it’s often skeptical of such efforts. It does oppose laws that prohibit people from buying or possessing guns that don’t possess such technology.

Weinberg hopes they become law next year, if Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy is elected governor. He has pledged to sign all the gun bills Christie has rejected.

“I’ve already told Ambassador Murphy — hopefully he will be the governor — I have at least 20 bills ready the day he walks in that have all been vetoed by Gov. Christie,” Weinberg said.

“Republican Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno doesn’t support additional gun laws

in a state with among the strictest laws already.”

Stand up and be counted. Legal gun owners in New Jersey are under attack for actions outside of their control. Disarming the population will only remove guns from the homeowners and sportsmen that are educated on use and safety, while allowing the continuation of an underground network that infiltrates the inner cities with illegal black market handguns.

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