Parker’s delicate condition

Parker Space drinks. Parker Space drinks a lot. This isn’t the first time we have reported this.

What goes around… Comes around.

What goes around… Comes around… Goes around again.

He drinks at inappropriate times and at inappropriate places. He regularly shows up to committee meetings, official functions, caucus and voting sessions with the heavy stench of booze.

Assemblyman Space’s latest faux pas was to characterize his opponent in the 24th district assembly race as a bitch. Not the raciest of words, but still, not appropriate. Why? Because Parker Space attended the addiction vigil in an unmistakable state of inebriation. No lie here folks. Parker drove himself to a vigil against addiction, reeking of liquor. This has been verified by several sources. He did the same at a local Tea Party meeting and a Republican County Committee meeting a few days later. He has also appeared at critical voting sessions smelling of the same 90 proof cologne. 

But the worst part of his “problem” is that he drives that way. Often. He drinks in various places in Trenton and around Sussex County, then gets into his truck or on his motorcycle and drives home. While his Space-cadet sycophant “snowflakes” champion the assemblyman for standing up for confederate flags, manly language and the god-given right to make an ass out ones self, the truly uncomfortable fact is that Parker needs to address his drinking problem.

It has made him dangerous on the road and completely ineffectual as an Assemblyman and Republican State Committee member.

In recent days Governor Chris Christie has called on Assemblyman Space to apologize for his remark, and minority leader Jon Bramnick has expressed frustration at the ineffective assemblyman from the 24th District.

Governor Christie calls on Assemblyman Space to apologize

“We call on Governor Christie to tell Assemblyman Space to get help for his alcohol addiction.”

Chris Christie knows about Parker’s drinking problem. Senator Oroho knows about Parker’s drinking problem. Anyone that gets within 3 feet of Parker Space knows he has a drinking problem. Are we going to wait until he kills himself or someone else to do something about it?

Buzz driving is drunk driving. It is time to tell Assemblyman Parker Space to stop!

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