Runaway Political Correctness

UNFORTUNATELY, we live in an age where political correctness has gone absolutely mad and from all signs, it is only going to get worse. No longer are we free to speak our mind in case we offend something or someone.

Give me a break!

I honestly think people like being outraged at the thought of being outraged. You see, the more outraged you are on an issue the more retweets, likes and shares you will get on your beloved social media.

Cue the outrage. Cue social media outrage AND righteous indignation! Cue sycophant tears and crowd-pleasing outrage. Cue every man, woman and failed politician being outraged when the comments start trending on social media.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

A friend of mine was looking to buy a black car with a sunroof for his wife. To his amazement, the salesman explained that there were no “black” cars available, despite the fact he was standing right in front of one at the time. The salesman then proceeded to explain that their highly-paid PR firm had advised them not to refer to the color black as being “black” because it could be taken as being racist. Hence, this very popular vehicle manufacturer now stocks “ink” or “gunmetal gray” colored vehicles.

And it gets better.

The same PR firm advised this vehicle manufacturer that the term “sunroof” could give people the impression that they are promoting excessive exposure to harmful UV rays.

So, it is now called a “moon roof.”

He did not buy the ink colored car with a moon roof purely out of principle!

So next time you think you are outraged, consider whether you are actually outraged or are you only outraged at seeing others being outraged and like the thought of it. It is time for society to loosen up. Sadly, we have all become far too precious.

“Essentially, it is time to pull the stick out of one’s proverbial backside and enjoy life instead of feeling you need to be outraged at everything!”

George Will lays it out quite succinctly…


Buck up buttercups… you can’t protect yourselves from every bad thought.



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