Sour Grapes Watchdog

We can’t say we didn’t see this coming!

Lyin’ Willie Watchdog goes on preaching about Republican loyalty and ethics, but his real job is moving the agenda of his big benefactor Democrat State Senator Paul Sarlo.

Ethics: Paul Sarlo style

Now he will be trashing the Republican 5th Congressional District nominee, John McCann. His real handlers want Josh Gottheimer to win in November.

No money to be made with John McCann. Sarlo and Lyin’ Willie want their union owned RINO in place for 2020.

Steve Lonegan was supposed to be the fall guy. They didn’t think that McCann could pull it off. Lonegan was their perfect foil. He would pay in the primary. Then he would pay in the general election. He would lose. But he would pay. Lonegan was used, abused, then discarded.

Perhaps if Lyin’ Willie had spoke of Lonegan’s positives, instead of vitriolic, anti-McCann;

aspersions fraudulence
backbiting guile
bullsh*t hyperbole
calumniation inaccuracies
calumny insults
deceit invention
deception libel
defamation manipulation of facts
detraction mendacity
dishonesty misrepresentations
disinformation misstatement
distortion myths
evasion obloquy
fable prevarication
fabrication revilement
falsehoods reviling
falseness slander
falsification subterfuge
falsity tall stories
fibs vilification
fiction white lies
forgery and, of course, outlandish whoppers!!!

Lonegan may have had a chance.

So, once again, Lyin’ Willie is trying to plant the sour grape seeds of discontent.

So far, the participants in the primary, winners and losers, have shown dignity, class and party loyalty by pledging their support for the Republican ticket.

All except Lyin’ Willie Watchdog.

Isn’t it time to put this mutt in the pound?

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