The Lyin’ Willie Watchdog two-step

If you ever read the Sussex Watchdog you know that Lyin’ Willie Watchdog is mean. He is also angry; narcissistic, out-of-touch, schizophrenic and condescending, but always mean. Really, really mean. We thought it was time to look into why.

We have been exploring allegations that Lyin’ Willie Watchdog has been operating an interstate shakedown of New Jersey public officials based out of Pennsylvania, including claims that he uses other politicians to push the “protection of the watchdog” scheme.

After consulting with a number of local law enforcement officials and attorneys we think that the Watchdog deserves a real close lookAnyone who has been subjected to the Lyin’ Watchdog’s venomous harassment over the years knows the score. Ask John McCann or George Graham or Gail Phoebus, Lyin’ Willie has been harassing them for years.

Perhaps the checklist below lays out what is really going on.

The protection racket appears to be quite simple; if you don’t want the Sussex Watchdog to attack you on his blog, blast negative robo-calls or to run a slanderous push poll designed to make you look corrupt or evil, you have to pay. But not in the normal, lawful way. He can’t appear on your election forms.

The Lyin’ Willie two-step. Lyin’ Willie’s enterprise has become quite lucrative since he now promotes Democrat Paul Sarlo’s agenda.

From the evidence reviewed so far it is obvious that the Watchdog Cyber-Bullying business model employs libel, slander, exaggeration, half truths, false rumors and personal attacks against those that threaten him. His model also includes attacks on those that threaten his clients. The Watchdog often utilizes preemptive strikes against targeted victims to “encourage” their investment using confidential information and emails that have been stolen from personal accounts.

The Watchdog racket seems to be the modern day version of a protection shake-down perfected by the mob. If you don’t want your restaurant or liquor store to have an unfortunate fire, you pay the mob for protection. If you don’t want the Watchdog to start a rumor or libel you, then you pay the Watchdog for protection. It appears that the Watchdog may be, for all intents and purposes, a 21st century shakedown racket.

Those that refuse to pay get skewered, those that cave in and engage the group are treated nicely on a temporary basis. Those that have payed, played and stopped are treated the harshest. We have spoken to several victims in Sussex, Morris, Warren and Monmouth counties.

The overall consensus appears to be the same,

“Using poll data that is never actually revealed, insinuations are made about weaknesses, employing suggestions of the threat of holding it over the poor victim unless. Then he takes credit for “making” you and you can never leave.”

According to sources, following the money is the most interesting part. Payment is made in a deliberately circuitous manner to confuse election oversight and to allow deniability. This isn’t a game for the weak. The enterprise is well established, and feared.

The Watchdog is particularly bold right now because he is still flush with gas tax cash, much of which was allegedly funneled directly to him to skirt campaign contribution laws. He knows it won’t last forever so he is on the hunt for new victims.

But, help is on the way. We are investigating Mr. Willie Watchdog; and all the “laundry” in his past, the shakedowns, the insider “consulting” contracts, the participation in obstruction of investigations, funny money moves and more. And we are going back quite a ways.

Even better…we have help. His antics of last year have caught the attention of a prominent journalist and some law enforcement people who are quite friendly with recent victims and are also interested in investigating his attacks, threats and tactics. Former “clients” and victims of his threats seem more than happy to join us.

It’s time to put this dog in the pound.

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