The RINO rantings of Lyin’ Willie Watchdog

So Lyin’ Willie Watchdog is cashing in on his newest group of victims, the Labor Union controlled Phil Murphy Team of Fantasia & Hertzberg. He pushes for ethics..but he has no ethics. He pushes for transparency because he is not transparent. He hides his income and he is a sell-out!

Last year RINO Willie and his band of political prostitutes made thousands and thousands of special interest dollars pimping for the most ethically challenged democrat in Trenton, Senator Paul Sarlo.

Sarlo wangled a deal that was too good to be true, and Lyin’ Willie Watchdog sold out and continually attacked anyone who questioned the ethics of pandering a corrupt bargain that made the Senator/Owner of Joseph Sanzari and Company millions of dollars on inside contracts.

Who negotiated the million dollar deal that made Senator Paul Sarlo (right) and his family business, Joseph Sanzari & Company a fortune last year?

Willie gone Democrat

RINO Willie and his co-conspirators opened the flood-gates of gastax sponsored union cash that flowed in their direction. But Watchdog Willie, self-described Loudmouth Kelly Ann and their spokesperson Dawn Fantasia had to funnel the cash wherever they could so it looked legitimate. Kelly messed up by not providing proper information to clients, Willie took cash from all sides and Dawn accepted thousands of dollars in campaign contributions that she wheeled around like a drunken sailor on payday!

There is nothing wrong exercising your first amendment right to free speech, and there is nothing wrong with being paid to be a spokesperson, but there is definitely something ethically wrong with what Fantasia did!

The Watchdog has spent years dictating to candidates what to do, what to say and where to send the checks, now it appears the Watchdog may have caught his willie in a ringer, running paid political ads without a paid-for disclaimer is a no-no, especially since the Watchdog was being paid from several sources. Lets see who Willie attacks instead of answering the big question:

Hey Watchdog, how much cash did you take to sell out to big-city Democrat Paul Sarlo??

Willie wants Fantasia to start an Ethics Board, GREAT IDEA! Lets start with…

How much union cash did Councilwoman Fantasia take to make the union radio ads, and how is that ethical?

Oh, and spreading that cash to other candidates is called “wheeling”. Let’s put that out in front of the Ethics Board too.

LOTS more to come!!!

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