This Is How NJ Paves Its Roads – Caught On Video

New Jersey needs to spend it’s existing funds
more efficiently and effectively.

More money is not the answer!

Maybe it is time to stop paving NJ roads with massive taxes and recycled political donations. 

Reason Foundation’s Annual Highway Report has tracked the performance of the 50 state owned highway systems from 1984 to 2015, using various metrics and methodologies. This edition, the 23rd Annual Highway Report, ranks the performance of state highway systems in 2015, with congestion data from 2016. Each state’s overall rating is determined by rankings in 11 categories, including highway expenditures per mile, Interstate and rural primary road pavement conditions, bridge conditions, urbanized area congestion, fatality rates, and narrow rural arterial lanes. The study is based on spending and performance data state highway agencies submitted to the federal government.

The bottom line is that New Jersey is the bottom line. We rank 50th in the rankings, but spend the most on the roads.



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