Watchdog Willie’s sick fascination with Nazis

Philadelphia’s Watchdog Willie, the New Hope narcissist, is starring in another screwball comedy in his head.

Watchdog Willie continues to pen cryptic attacks on the residents of Andover Township, primarily to attack a public park. Why? Because he doesn’t like members of the township committee. Why? Because they don’t fear or adore him, so he conjures up Nazis.

He has scripted several long-winded psychotic episodes that star the awesome Watchdog as the Holy Grail of Morality as he shakes down weak-hearted officials in Sussex. He does scare some in our neck of the woods, but they are becoming less relevant everyday. You can’t miss who they are because they have to pay the Watchdog to leave them alone.

There is a word for that…anybody know what it is?

Willie is perversely fascinated with Nazi imagery and propaganda. He believes he creates fear that can make or break others when he unleashes his ominous diatribes. CYBER-BULLY EXTRAORDINAIRE!

Only we all get the joke…and the joke is Willie himself.

Watchdog Willie doesn’t live here, but drones on with fake, revisionist history, omitting the fact that the target of his rancor has been the location of countless Republican fundraisers that have put big bucks in his pocket. Willie has profited big time from Hillside Park.

Since October is Anti-Bullying Month perhaps our canine hero might consider making a donation of some of that gas tax windfall he got to a community group that is active against the cyber-bullying that he is known for.

The Watchdog is a hypocrite. Plain and Simple.

But never forget who pays him cash to write his vitriolic trash.


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