What goes around… Comes around… Goes around again…

For the record, we at the Patriot did not launch a personal attack on Parker Space this week. We stated facts. Perhaps they were uncomfortable facts, but they are well known and they are true. Parker has a serious drinking problem. His friends and his colleagues know this. His peers in Trenton know this. The Newton Police Department knows this. We are not here to judge Parker, we sincerely wish for him to get help.Traveling with a flask that is poured into a coke is a real signal of a problem. So is attending a vigil for addiction reeking like a distillery.

Please seek help Parker and stop driving under the influence. It is our family members that are put in jeopardy when you exercise impaired driving.

Also for the record, our story was compiled from various sources, none of Watchdog Willie’s usual targets were involved. But the paranoid Watchdog did launch another vicious personal attack on Gail Phoebus, and her family. And once again, her family business. It didn’t take long for the Watchdog to go on another Space family authorized attack.

Really Parker? Time to face the real issue. We deliberately avoided going into the debate on the Confederate Flag controversy. But we do have to ask Parker whats really up his sleeve. As uncomfortable as it makes your running mates, it is time to affirm your true feelings regarding that flag. What is that tattoo on your left arm?

We will support your right of free speech, but stop speaking in riddles.

As for Watchdog Willie, it looks like you made a terrible mistake this week. Your personal animosity towards those that have rejected you has clouded your judgment. You have a much larger problem looming, and it is perhaps the worst thing a paid political consultant can do. But you have been in the legal system before. It is just pathetic when it embarrasses your candidate. Hey, it’s your business.






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