What goes around… Comes around…

From the look of almost every news outlet over the last few days, Parker Space has a problem.

According to the news reports, he and his wife Jill took in a Hank Williams, Jr. concert over the weekend. While there, they posed for a snapshot in front of a confederate flag banner.  It would seem to be innocent enough, but Parker Space is, after all, a New Jersey State Assemblyman. One would think that after the recent controversy in Virginia as well as being involved in a re-election campaign, Parker would be less compelled to post it. But he did. He posted it himself. He should have known better but Parker Space is not noted for his “better judgment”.

 Now it becomes a story about craving attention, then whining about it when it comes around.

No sympathy here. Nobody did anything to Parker. He got this ball rolling himself.

I don’t think that the Spaces are racists or white supremacists or bigots. But it sure looks like celestial karma has caught up with them this time. For the last few years they have stood silent, allowing their Watchdog Willie to libel whoever he cares to as Nazis and criminals. They shrug off their Watchdog’s ridiculous logic to embarrass truly innocent people, all for Parker’s benefit. Sad.

Now the Watchdog is making some extra cash by doing damage control; spewing more of his delusional nonsense. The Watchdog is trying to make the Spaces look like martyr’s because someone gave a one-star rating at Space Farms.

In the words of Parker himself, “Are you really trying to go there?”.

Earlier this year the Watchdog, fueled with a full tank of gas tax cash, went on a relentless cyber-bullying attack against Assemblywoman Gail Phoebus and her family, even going as far as printing false accounts in a deliberate attempt to keep customers away from their family business. Who complained about the bullying then?

Now Jill Space is shedding tears because the same is coming down on Space Farms.

We don’t want to see anyone go through that sort of stress, but really, where were the Spaces when their blogger was viciously trying to destroy the Farmstead’s business?

As we said at the beginning;
“What goes around, comes around.”

When the Watchdog smeared Sussex County elected officials as Nazi sympathizers for an incident in a park almost eighty years ago. The Spaces stood silent. When the Watchdog libels others with his vile rantings, the Spaces stand silent. When others have their reputations smeared and defiled, the Spaces always stand silent.

But when they populate Facebook with a boneheaded post, it becomes the latest high-drama installment of “oh, poor Jill and Parker”.

It’s time to face the facts, Parker doesn’t have a race problem, he has a drinking problem.  Once again, drinking has blurred his senses, and he has to deal with the repercussions. This isn’t about freedom of expression, it is about a middle-aged guy who has issues.

“As sad as it is to say, Parker honestly needs to address his real problem
and get into a program before it’s too late.”

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