Who is John McCann? And why does Lyin’ Willie hate him so much?

For the last several weeks we have been subjected to typical Lyin’ Willie Watchdog’s character assassination of several public officials. All for the same reason. They don’t pay him.

But the attacks on a gentleman named John McCann are particularly nasty and personal. We decided to look into this to try to understand why Lyin’ Willie is so vicious towards a guy who appears to be a decent Republican candidate for congress in the 5th Congressional District.

The first motivation when looking at the Lyin’ Watchdog is to how the is money flowing. Lyin’ Willie has made so much money from the Democrats, particularly from big-wig Dem Paul Sarlo’s crew as of late that we found his real motivation was to promote a candidate that will lose in the fall to Gottheimer.

At first we thought that Lonegan was paying the Watchdog to pump his usual toxic bile at Mr. McCann, but of course that would be legitimate, and we all know that’s not Willie’s style. But we did find the source of the cash, and we will be laying the flow of dirty money out soon.

Suffice it to say that Lonegan and Lyin’ Willie have had a turbulent relationship for many years, they get along when Lonegan pays, not so much when he doesn’t.

But we thought that John McCann deserved a fresh look in Sussex County. We found him to be articulate and engaging. We also were impressed with his genuine concern for his constituency. We also found that Lyin’ Willie was using his vile lies to stop a guy who could actually win in November.  When we asked Mr. McCann to tell us why he was running he sent us the following:

Why am I running Running

We genuinely like the guy, he seems to take the time to find out the nature of an issue. He also professes a true conservative nature and most of all he seems to be for his constituency. Lonegan has always been for Lonegan. He always says what his narrow base wants to hear. and there is this…


As a rule of thumb, we have found that if Lyin’ Willie Watchdog is behind a candidate there is more wrong than good.

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