Who is Jonathan Rose?

Jonathan Rose is a lifelong resident of Sussex County and is currently the Freeholder Director. As Freeholder, his decisions have been guided by a core philosophy of governmental transparency and a respect for individual rights.

He believes that the role of a politician is to affect a government where the people may enjoy maximum liberty and freedom free from interference from the state. Government should not pick winners and losers on the field of business or the race of life, but rather act as an impartial referee. He is a Republican with strong constitutional conservative values.

Jonathan’s core values are derived by a strong sense of personal integrity, he is an Eagle Scout through and through. He landed in a controversy with county employees because he chose transparency over expediency. Mr. Rose always seems to go with the right thing, not the easy thing. The opposition twisted the facts to use transparency against him, but he stood his ground. Read Twisting up Transparency. Jonathan insisted of moving forward towards a more transparent government, even though a non-transparent blog attacked him by twisting the facts.

Jonathan also has maintained a steadfast commitment to resolving the Solar Scandal. The massive $33,000,000 taxpayer grift is in the process of being steadily resolved but will take more time. He insists that those that swindled the taxpayer should be brought to justice. His opposition is against such efforts. We wonder why?

Jonathan has stated that New Jersey has the highest property taxes in the nation. “This is due to a variety of factors, but a big one is our insistence on duplicating services and personnel (in particular management personnel) in each town instead of having regionalized services where it makes sense.”

“The efficient delivery of governmental services must be pursued. This can be done by keeping and moving services to the county level where it makes sense. We know that this model works, because in most southern states, where taxes are lower, some services are done at the county level. Where doing so generates a cost savings while still enabling the voters to have control over and insight into them, services should be moved to the county level.”

The following is from Facebook that Jonathan Rose posted recently:

In another post, someone asked me to, “tell [her] something the present [F]reeholders have done in the past many years.”
So I came up with a partial list:

  • We have begun videotaping meetings, and posting them on the county website so that citizens can see what is being done without having to come to the administrative building in Newton. This has worked so well that collectively the two candidates opposing Carl Lazzaro and me only came to 4 meetings this year.
  • We have moved the meeting times to 7:00pm so that citizens who still want to come to meetings can do so without having to leave work early.
  • We began taking our meetings on the road 3 – 4 times per year, so it is easier for citizens to connect with us.
  • We have lowered the total county debt by over $3 million.
  • We have fully funded the bond payments for the failed solar scam. You will see no additional future tax increases due to those bond payments.
  • We have begun working with the unions to get the soaring costs of healthcare under control (healthcare costs rose greater than 12% in 2018).
  • We have built the county surplus up to a sustainable level that will maintain our AA+ bond rating.
  • We have wrestled tax increases down to less than the rate of inflation (1.92% in fiscal year 2018; inflation was 2.00%). And we have done so in such a way that we can keep any necessary future tax increases at or below the rate of inflation. This means that in real dollars, the budget will stay flat or decrease.
  • We have begun looking into supplementing the bus system with a private point-to-point service that will provide better service while costing less money.
  • We have investigated the solar scam and gathered evidence to be used in a lawsuit against those bad actors who harmed the county. We are in the process of choosing counsel for that lawsuit.
  • We have formed a Transparency Committee to look at ways to make county government even more transparent and available to citizens, and to change the county administrative code to memorialize these changes.
  • We have continued to invest in county roads and bridges so that our infrastructure does not fall further into disrepair.
  • We hired a new county administrator.
  • We hired a new personnel administrator.
  • We brought back night and weekend hours at the county library system.
  • We consolidated the health and human services departments and were able to both increase services and reduce management overhead through that change.

I’ll keep adding to the list as I think of accomplishments that this Freeholder Board, of which I’m proud to be a member, has put into place.


Recently we ran an article on Freeholder Carl Lazzaro. We are not a paid blog like the Watchdog, but we feel that the avalanche of union money against Carl and Jonathan was horribly unjustified.

We at the Patriot are serious about our commitment to good government, and Jonathan Rose exemplifies that commitment. To those that want to know, Mr Rose is not the writer.

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