Why are the Unions dumping thousands of dollars into Sussex County?

I had to give this some real thought. The unions that represent Sussex County aren’t involved. The Unions that are dropping a fortune are the 825 PAC, Laborers, Carpenters, etc.

These are Trade Unions. The members of these unions have to work hard without the benefit of job security.

The members of the CWA and other government worker locals have enormous job security as well as health benefits and retirements that far exceed what the average taxpayer in Sussex County have.

The reason that the CWA membership has stopped negotiations with the county is plain and simple, they want a big raise. But they also want the security and the benefits. Dawn and Josh have promised it to them. Some health plans cost the taxpayers over $40,000 a year on top of wages, taxes and retirement contributions by the county. Try to assess how much that is going to cost the county. Every million dollars of new wage costs to the county could mean the loss of 20 or so jobs.

“The bottom line is that the county workers are being used. It is unethical and immoral the way that  they have been played by Hertzberg and Fantasia”

The Freeholder board cannot raise wages by 10% without an offsetting reduction of staff by approximately the same amount.

Josh Hertzberg has been spinning tales for years to his Longshoreman rank and file. He makes more than double what the workers with sweaty shirts and blisters make. Sad.

Dawn Fantasia knows about cutting jobs, when she opens a new iLearn school, dozens of good paying union teacher jobs are lost forever.

Josh Hertzberg: Bad for unions

What is really going on at Fantasia’s charter school?

It’s all a big fantasy.

So why are the Trade Union’s dropping all of their Union Dues on this local race.

I guess we would have to ask Paul Sarlo that question.

Ethics: Paul Sarlo style

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